Hey! Since I’ve been kinda inactive I’ll tell you guys some lil’ stuff here.

Remember that FOX post I made? Well, I’m still not going to reveal it, but just saying, it involves a group, a game, and Japanese.



If you enter to LearnKanaOnline you will probably get a 402 error, or you’ll get the page.

The ugly freaking page.

Here’s some explanation:

Since Codecademy is really incomplete (It’s HTML4, I think), I decided to join other place.

A really good and advertised one in my region is NextUniversity. I got really interested into it and joined it.

*Yeah it costs a lot of money, but, first I did save for that and second, I got an offer like 70% off, so yeah, good.

So right now I’m kinda busy with NextU, and will leave LKO as a hobby that I progress on when I HAVE TIME. (Rarely happens)


So yeah that’s all the update, I’ll be giving you guys details about the game and “FOX” soon, so keep tuned, my 13 beautiful visitors!





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