So I’ve been working so much on LKO, I decided to show some friends the site so they tell me how it is doing.

Anyways telling each one of them “” or “” was too big.
Therefore I decided to change the domain to, a much easier domain.

As for what I’ve done, The only thing I worked on was the main page (index) and about page.


  • Moved all the about text on main page to about page.
  • Completed navigation bar (for computer, responsive web for other devices is still necessary.
  • Removed the learndivs, changed them for a new “button” with preliminary info for each kana type (I’ve only done katakana though. The only way to access hiragana and roumaji is to change the href atribute to either hiragana.html or roumaji.html, respectively.)
  • Added a “back to home” link for all the unfinished pages.

That’s it. Its been a long work though, but the thing I liked most was that it actually took 0 precious time to do. I could still study NextUniversity, play some games and other. So that means I’ll be progressing a lot on it.



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