What the **** am I doing posting this at 1:18 am? Don’t ask me…

So I wanted to share with you people what I did in May and June for now.
1. I did 0 work on LKO as I didn’t have any damn time for it.

School went hard on us but we finally finished so I’m free now. Temporarily…

2. I became Vision and Health’s main developer.

Some people must be saying “hey you’re still in school so you shouldn’t be working professionally”

I took the job MYSELF. And it’s not like I have to work everyday and such. For now I just have to take care of the page and do the new one (which was my own decision) no more.
And last, I’m learning about what CSS frameworks are and what do they do. They are reaaally useful!

So that’s it for these 2 months. I know my stats (momentarily) always say “0 views, 0 visitors” but I know that when people finally come here for whatever reason and decide to go see everything I made before getting views, they must see a good story of how I became what I will become, even if it’s kinda lame.

Another reason for that is, because I’m about to do something bigger, like working for a company like V&H, people will come here to see what’s up with the things they actually see; and it is my duty to keep them informed on it as the company’s main Dev.

That’s it for now. I’ll write more soon!


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