My name is Soren. I’m also known as SorenDev or SorenDevs.

I am a Web Developer, specialized in HTML5 and CSS3. I finished my Codecademy HTML & CSS lesson.

I’m currently learning other stuff in NextUniversity.

Wanna know more of my story? Read below.


Since I was a lil’ kid, computers were my strength. I was always the kid who was being asked for help in computers class.

I first took programming and coding as a hobby, one day I googled: “How to code”.

Yeah, that’s how I began.

I created an account on codecademy and since then I started to code for fun.

I have to deal with studying too, but I’m a really good student, one of the top. I have friends interested in the same things as me.

Even if my life is basically computers, I also play sports and do other things.

As you may have deduced from my last project, I like Japanese, and therefore I like Anime and manga. I like other stuff such as gaming, football (soccer) and other stuff.

And yeah, that’s it.

Right now I’m working in some projects related to web development (as that’s what i’m specialised on) and other stuff.

Thanks for coming here and reading by small bio!