Important FOX and life update

ye im not dead

So. I’ve been really uh… Busy. With stuff. Life stuff, mainly. And that made me think about… Things. Where’s my life going, why am I stressing so much, etc.

So. I’ve taken a decision.

Im gonna put coding and and stuff in the background. I’ve got to… Focus, on my social, integral life for now, and having this in my head will just stress me more than I’ve been stressed already.

No. I’m not giving up coding. It’s still what I like and would like to do. But I’m going to give it less importance now.

I’ll still do some stuff normally, but I won’t update so often. I usually updated one post for one month then one post for two. Now I’ll update whenever I feel like it, probably every 2 months. Who knows?

Thanks for supporting me, and, even if I know nobody reads this stuff, I know you will, in the future.


Oh and yeah before we finish, I’d like to explain a bit of the “FOX” thing I had been talking about before. I’ve created a group with some friends. It’s called HikariFox. We will do uh… Whatever? We were thinking about making a game, music or whatever. So if you want to keep up with us, go follow my twitter account. We’ll eventually update the account and start posting stuff on it.

Oh and I’ll do a blog of it too

So yeah. Farewell.


October Update

Hey there. It’s been a long time.
I’ve… Changed. I haven’t studied in a long time and many other stuff, because of depression (just a bit) and massive amounts of stress. I’m going back to my usual schedule tomorrow. I’m finishing my Frameworks studies and then I’m going to JavaScript. Yes, that gives you an idea of how much I’ve progressed since my July update (nothing at all) 
So wish me luck, I’ll pass through this hell of stress and try get some good coding going. 
Oh, I also got a new keyboard and mouse too. Gamer type. I’m still saving money for a good GPU, maybe some new monitors and other stuff. But I’ve got more important things to care about. For now.
Regards, Soren. 

July Update


This July has been great! I finally got a new phone. And it’s an Android! Great isn’t it? 

I was offered a job on a place! That’s incredibly good news as I am already aiming high while I haven’t even started to learn javascript. I said that maybe when I become more of an expert I would probably go and make them a good page. 

So that’s it. I haven’t worked in much. I’ve started using Foundation for some stuff as it is indeed a really good framework.

So that’s it… Thanks to the people who got here from V&H for at least giving my post a little view. 

May and June update.

What the **** am I doing posting this at 1:18 am? Don’t ask me…

So I wanted to share with you people what I did in May and June for now.
1. I did 0 work on LKO as I didn’t have any damn time for it.

School went hard on us but we finally finished so I’m free now. Temporarily…

2. I became Vision and Health’s main developer.

Some people must be saying “hey you’re still in school so you shouldn’t be working professionally”

I took the job MYSELF. And it’s not like I have to work everyday and such. For now I just have to take care of the page and do the new one (which was my own decision) no more.
And last, I’m learning about what CSS frameworks are and what do they do. They are reaaally useful!

So that’s it for these 2 months. I know my stats (momentarily) always say “0 views, 0 visitors” but I know that when people finally come here for whatever reason and decide to go see everything I made before getting views, they must see a good story of how I became what I will become, even if it’s kinda lame.

Another reason for that is, because I’m about to do something bigger, like working for a company like V&H, people will come here to see what’s up with the things they actually see; and it is my duty to keep them informed on it as the company’s main Dev.

That’s it for now. I’ll write more soon!

A small update.

Heya people!

Well, I’ve been very busy with new coding challenges lately, so that’s why there isn’t any bit of info on anything I’ve done.


The thing is, I wanted to share with you guys something.

I’ve officially become Vision and Health Lab‘s Main Web Developer.

The page is a complete mess as that was done by somebody else like in 2009.

I’m doing a new and better project which, sooner or later, I will post on GitHub.

That’s it. On other news, I’m learning CSS Frameworks and after that I will move on to the next chapter of my developer life.








LKO Important update

So I’ve been working so much on LKO, I decided to show some friends the site so they tell me how it is doing.

Anyways telling each one of them “” or “” was too big.
Therefore I decided to change the domain to, a much easier domain.

As for what I’ve done, The only thing I worked on was the main page (index) and about page.


  • Moved all the about text on main page to about page.
  • Completed navigation bar (for computer, responsive web for other devices is still necessary.
  • Removed the learndivs, changed them for a new “button” with preliminary info for each kana type (I’ve only done katakana though. The only way to access hiragana and roumaji is to change the href atribute to either hiragana.html or roumaji.html, respectively.)
  • Added a “back to home” link for all the unfinished pages.

That’s it. Its been a long work though, but the thing I liked most was that it actually took 0 precious time to do. I could still study NextUniversity, play some games and other. So that means I’ll be progressing a lot on it.


April Update 2

I’m finally doing some work on LKO.

If you want to check, go to the site and you will probably… not see anything new as I haven’t uploaded it yet.

Even when I upload it, you will not see much changes.

Unless you see the code.

I started changing LKO from HTML4 to HTML5. So instead of a thousand <div>s, I’m now using articles, headers, footers, etc.

Also the CSS was a complete mess. So I fixed it.
The page is still very simple since I haven’t included images and the only other page that has been worked on is the “about” page, so really, you won’t see any changes.
About the FOX, we’ve been working a lot on the game’s story, and when everything is complete, we will be launching a kickstarter page. So I’ll keep you updated 😀

April and March 2017 Update 1

Hey! Since I’ve been kinda inactive I’ll tell you guys some lil’ stuff here.

Remember that FOX post I made? Well, I’m still not going to reveal it, but just saying, it involves a group, a game, and Japanese.



If you enter to LearnKanaOnline you will probably get a 402 error, or you’ll get the page.

The ugly freaking page.

Here’s some explanation:

Since Codecademy is really incomplete (It’s HTML4, I think), I decided to join other place.

A really good and advertised one in my region is NextUniversity. I got really interested into it and joined it.

*Yeah it costs a lot of money, but, first I did save for that and second, I got an offer like 70% off, so yeah, good.

So right now I’m kinda busy with NextU, and will leave LKO as a hobby that I progress on when I HAVE TIME. (Rarely happens)


So yeah that’s all the update, I’ll be giving you guys details about the game and “FOX” soon, so keep tuned, my 13 beautiful visitors!





So with some friends, We’ve decided to do a team. A *something* team.
For now, I’m just going to say that there’ll be a new blog. Just that.