LearnKanaOnline is my most important project as of now.

I programmed LearnKanaOnline as a combination of 2 things that I like a lot: Japanese and HTML.

It all started as a simple <!DOCTYPE html>. After that I really started to put effort into it and spent 2 days coding the index.

I started thinking it would be a really good idea to make it public, so I looked for a free hosting. Thanks to 000WebHost I finally got it.

LearnKanaOnline is still in pure development, and I´m the only one who is working on it right now. Anyways some people might join me in this, like a friend who is an illustrator, which will help me with graphic assets.

As LearnKanaOnline is still just a simple HTML file and host, I just want to be progressing in it when I feel like.

Maybe in the future LearnKanaOnline may become something for real. Maybe I will use crowdfunding to get more developers to help, a formal domain and other stuff. And it may become real.

But for now, it’s just a little project of mine.

Now, if you’re somebody interested in helping me, this is what you can do and I will appreciate it a lot:

Help me know what to improve.

If you tell me exactly what should be done in the page, I’ll usually accept it and start working on it.

Thanks for your support!

You can fill it here, Or email me directly at sorendev@outlook.com .